There is no clearly defined treatment for immunological infertility, which can affect both men and women. After diagnosis specialist will find out the immune reaction and prescribe the treatment which will correct the patient`s immune status.

Treatment for women with immunological infertility:

  • Usage of corticosteroids with antibacterial and antihistamines in combination with restriction of unsafe sex will reduce the number of ASA in woman`s body;
  • Method of immunization when woman gets the injection with an allogenic lymphocyte of the partner.

Treatment for men with immunological infertility:

  • Usage of androgens. In most cases doctor uses testosterone which helps to form quality and mobility of spermatozoids.

If woman hasn’t achieved successful results during the treatment doctor can advise to use IVF procedure in order to have a baby.

In case of unsuccessful treatment of male immunological infertility intracytoplasmic sperm injection into ovum is the most effective method.

In any case, if partners want to become parents but any treatment and even IVF don’t help they always can consider the option of surrogacy. Nowadays the medicine has sufficient number of technologies and methods to cope with fertility problems.