Immunological infertility means that both man and woman feel perfectly healthy, but for some reason they cannot conceive a baby. In such cases doctor usually recommends infertile couple to conduct immunological infertility testing. Firstly, the doctor puts on standard analysis:

  • ¬†Immunogram;
  • Detecting of antisperm antibodies in the blood;
  • Compatibility test;
  • Vaginal mucus analysis;

On the basis of the obtained results doctor can suggest to make additional analysis. Today for the diagnosis of the immunological infertility medical specialists can refer patient for postcoital tests:

  • Shuvarovskogo-Guner test which helps to determine the amount and sperm motility in the vagina and cervical mucus in the certain interval of time after sexual contact;
  • Kurzrock-Mille test which determines who of spouses has immunological disorder. Also this test shows whether there is penetration of sperm into the woman`s cervical mucus.
  • HLA-Typing test which shows childbearing potential and liability to disease (diabetes, autoimmune diseases etc.)

Only after detailed and correct diagnosis it will be possible to determine disease and use needed treatment. In cases when any treatment helps to conceive surrogacy can become one of the best variants to win infertility.